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E-mail Marketing

Responsive contacts  for a more effective communication.

63% of french internet  users are “e-balophiles”, they welcome  commercial emails  ( 58% for adverts in their post box), 57% of French internet users follow up their commercial emails. It shows that the effect of  viral marketing is not negligeable.

Source: Novartis – Mediapost.

Discover the applications and the advantages of the most effective and low cost direct marketing tool : useful contacts are 15% superior to direct mail.

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-How to present and sell a new product,

-Acquiring new customers,

-How to keep your customers,



- Updates,


-Traffic generation,

- How to let people know about your entreprise and its activities.



Using internet saves on cost, time as it is a fast way of providing information.

Email is by far the most popular  and most effective  tool.

Likewise, opt-in email has known a big and fast success in both America and Europe and has become the most effective ,  the fastest and most  economical  direct marketing tool as explained that follows.

1) Minimum costs

Direct email marketing is 65% to 80% cheaper than traditional email.

A reduced cost means  greater distribution and more frequent operations.

2) High level returns

Its simplicity, immediacy and low cost have placed email marketing well in front of marketing by post or fax.

According to a study carried out by Forrester Research,  the email comes  top out of all the marketing communications.


3) Optimal targeting

Unlike fax and direct mail that are often  screened by secretaries or not addressed to the right person, emailing can reach the targeted group directly.

Effective targeting  is fundamental in order to adapt the content of the message  which then becomes a valuable source of professional  information for its recipients.

According to a study carried out by Doubleclick, 65% of internet users  rate opt-in email as the best tool for promotional information.

The study “ Forrester Email Marketing 2002”confirms this trend when saying that 68% of people taking part in the survey said they considered email marketing useful to receive information on promotions from a site they had previously visited.

4) Speed of transmission and returns

With a capacity of sending 2.000.000 emails per day, our technical platform  can deliver your campaigns in a very short time and  you can obtain some commercial returns within the next  48 to 72 hours.

5) Maximum interactivity

Email marketing offers an interactivity encouraging a valuable customer relationship management .  (e-CRM)and  it gives the possibility to adapt the offer to the customer’s need.(marketing one to one).

A study by Creative Good  shows that  for 1 dollar spent in advertising  5 dollars are earned, for 1 dollar spent in  loyalty  cards,  60 dollars are earned.  It is therefore important to have a reliable , regularly updated customer support data and to keep a record of contacts and orders which will contribute to create a very effective commercial chart.

Eurobases  has its own database and has all the segmentation elements  to  feed the e-CRM.

6) The popularity of email 

The appeal and the simplicity of this still fairly new modern  communication medium make it very  effective tool.

Another advantage that cannot be ignored is that email marketing  does not cause any pollution nor waste unlike direct mail and fax which is  good for the image of email marketing.

At a time when  many marketing technologies have reached their potential , email marketing is in its early days and already showing  some significant sign of success.

The latest study by Datatrader says that 59% of e-consumers have bought a product after receiving a promotional email. In addition, another study involving 15.000 internet users shows  that 96% of them were convinced of its effectiveness  after visiting new websites and entering competitions.

7) Results easy to use

Surveys and subscription forms or promotions can  easily be included in the email . These interactive tools can collect data electronically .

Feedback  can be checked quickly .The tracking tools , statistics tools and datamining tools  assist to the realisation of an analysis of  all the feedback according to a selection criteria.

The results of this study indicate what target to prioritise to increase the returns of subsequent campaigns.

8) Information load

 An informative email comes with a visit to the site and gives the users extra informations almost instantly.


Advice on how to compose a message

- The message must be short, clear and light.

- The subject matter must be catchy without being aggressive.

- The content must be relevant to the target.

-The message must respect the netiquette.

- Do not hesitate to insert as many links as possible for each  subject  mentioned.

- Place the links in wide areas easy to click on.

- Never attach a file to an email.

- Plan a Word version for users whose messaging software does not read HTML.

- Add your telephone number as 30% of internet users prefer to make a phone call.