Our B to B emailing services

EUROBASES manages all stages of your emailing :

Count, 100% OPT-IN email list, technical assistance, returns analysis


The advertiser asks EUROBASES for the size of the files containing the addresses corresponding to the targeted group.

Segmentation criterias available in full or in part.

- Staff job title .

- Company’s activity ( APE code).

- Company’s activity ( 3 keywords).

- Company’s wage bill .

- Department.


  • Extraction of the megabase profile.
  • Updating  unsubscribes.
  • Updating  new entries.
  • Possible divisions.
  •  Management of  lists(targeted/non-targeted).
  •  An automatic procedure extracts all the email addresses from the lists.


EUROBASES  can help you put together the different  elements of the message you have created .

  • Reception of graphics and texts.
  •  Page layout,  composition of message.
  • Alignment.
  • Addition of the dedicated  form.
  • Tracking instalment.
  • Storage for mirror pages .
  • Opening your online customer account.
  • Sending BAT .


Dispatching messages to their recipients on a set day and time .

Use a of ASP platform dedicated to sending items , on average  2 million emails per day.


A detailed transmission report.

 Campaign report available on your webspace  24hours after your email is sent.

  • Transmission date.
  • Transmission time.
  • How many emails were sent.
  • How many emails were read.
  • Tracking report.


An accurate tracking

Inserting URL links in your message will direct recipients to your website and  tagging will inform you on the performance of your campaign.

_  Total number of messages received

-  Global number of messages opened .

-  Global number of clicks.

- Total number of individual clicks.

- Tracking visits after email despatching.

- Detail of this tracking link by link.